The Sassy Animal – Releasing Myself

Where Have I Been???

Well, the short answer is not very well.  I have two different conditions, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, and after a view terrible incidents I had a flare up and dip in fatigue levels, which made it difficult to do anything for a few weeks.

This post is not something I would typically write because this is an animal blog, but I can not deny that I have to live with this condition every day. I struggle to accept it myself because I feel like I have let myself down, by not being able to live up to my potential or feeling like I don’t have it as bad as some other long-term conditions, so shouldn’t be feeling upset.  I need to acknowledge the fact that the doctor’s diagnosis is right and this is happening to me. Not just so I can accept it, (because I struggle to do so) but so that I can also set up a support network for others with long-term conditions.  To do this, I have added a new section,  which will feature the content specific to those conditions.



Many people are unsure of what  Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are, and can often say inappropriate things because they believe that it is a ‘lazy condition’. So below is a quick overview of what both of the conditions are and what they intel for those that do suffer from them.

Chronic Fatigue:

Chronic Fatigue is a long-term illness, that can affect people all there life. It is more than just being tired after a busy day, it is being so tired that you are unable to move when you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. There have been times when I couldn’t make my own food, clean or even leave my bed. There is more to CFS than just being fatigued continuously, such as flu-like symptoms, along with headaches, muscle and joint pain, dizzy and sickness and much more, all of which suck!


Fibromyalgia is similar to Chronic Fatigue, with a lot of the symptoms being the same. Although this condition also gives you fatigue, you also have chronic pain in all the joints and muscles, while also having extreme sensitivity to pain. Another symptom is fibro-fog which causes memory and concentration issues, which I can say,  sometimes makes stringing a sentence together hard. Fibromyalgia is a relatively new illness that has been officially recognised as a condition. For more information head over to the NHS, page to find out more.

A New Begining 

So I have both of the above, which can make work and life hard. I know others with the condition are also struggling day to day, but I do not want to let my circumstances defined me or my future. I am one of the lucky ones that have been told I could eventually recover and I hope this is the case, but until then I have to learn to work and live with my illness, which currently I am struggling to do.  It has been around 5 years since getting symptoms, and only now I am learning to accept it as part of me.

I know this is not the norm for The Sassy Animal, but it is important to me as a writer, that I write about this. I hope you as readers understand. Please feel free to comment below or message me if you want to know more, or just have some tips to help out the Spoonie community.

Thank You.

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