Does your dog have a bucket list?

Skydiving, running a marathon and a road trip around Europe are often on the top of many personal bucket lists. I know I have them, but have you ever thought what your dog would have on their bucket list?

After gaining inspiration from the Dodo’s video, with the pawsome Kaylee and her family fulfilling her dying wishes, I wanted to create one for my dog.

You have all meet Pepsi. She is a 15-year-old Jack Russell, and I am not planning on her going anywhere soon, but I want her life to be full of great moments and memories.



So below is what I believe my girl would have on her list, based on whether I think she would enjoy them.

1. A night in a doggy hotel.

2. A trip to Montacute house.

3.Traveling on the train/bus to Nan’s house. (She loves both her Nans)


4.  Shopping spree in pets at home. – She has never gone into a shop where the whole trip is dedicated to her.

5. Go to a dog show.

6. Personal Christmas cards.

7. Matching PJs (Is this on my bucket list or hers?)

8. Watch the Puppy Bowl.

9. Watch Marly and Me.

10. Win a dog show. Clearly cutest dog! (I am not biased)

11. Have homemade dog-friendly biscuits.

12. Have a doggy ice lolly.

Image: Pixababy


13.   Dog art, with dog-friendly paint.

14. Try a doggy beer.

There may only be 14 on this list so far, but I am sure more will be added and join the ones she has already done previously.

Completed on Pepsi bucket list.

  • Go trick or treating.
  • Sit in a lorry.
  • Ride in a lorry.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Have a sleepover with a doggy friend.
  • Go caravaning.
  • Making a new doggy friend.
  • Professional photoshoot.



What do you think of Pepsi’s ever growing bucket list? I’m I missing anything pawsome you think she would enjoy? Do your dogs have a bucket list or any similar plans to Pepsi? Let me know in the comments!

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