What shouldn’t your dog eat this Christmas?

Christmas is tomorrow!!! Who is excited? This girl is!!

However, with the great food on offer, (Does everyone have a selection of food they’re not allowed to touch yet?)  it can be easy to sneakily give your pets some of the treats, yet did you know that a lot of the food we eat can cause awful consequences to our dogs. Below is a list of food not to give your dog this year!


Picture: Pixabay

Chocolate contains a substance called methylxanthines, which, when consumed, can cause diarrhoea, panting, vomiting, and in more extreme circumstances seizures and death. It has been documented that the effects can be different for each breed, and size of the dog, yet, if your dog does eat chocolate contact your vet for advice as soon as possible.

But there are dog alternatives, such as dog safe chocolate which you can purchase from many pet shops. They do not contain caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, or formamide, which is why human chocolate is toxic to dogs.


Alcohol can cause your dog a lot of issues, similar to those, that they could experience when having chocolate. If your dog has gotten alcohol, seek a vets attention ASAP.

But there are dog-friendly brews! Check out the Barkpost’s article for some of the best doggy brews.


In short, it has been discovered that bones could kill your dog. They can splitter off, into small or larger parts, causing digestive damage, blockages and choking. Cooked bones have been recognised to be even worse for breaking then non-cooked, but both could be equally dangerous.

If you thought buying bones from shops for your dog would be safe this Christmas, think again! The FDA released a warning in November that the bone treats you can buy (also made from real bone) are also causing severe health issues for your dog.

Some of the more serious problems have resulted in dog fatalities. So please do not give your dog a bone from your Christmas dinner, or just stay away from real bones altogether.

Milk Or Anything Dairy 

Like a growing amount of people, dogs can also not digest lactose well, and like us can cause tummy troubles and vomiting.


Do not feed your dogs nuts.
Picture: Pixabay

Nuts and similar foods like almonds and walnuts contain high levels of fat and oils. Which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, but can also cause pancreatitis in your dog.


Xylitol is in a lot of different foods, including candy and baked goods. The intake of Xylitol could lead to liver failure, as it could cause insulin release, which in turn could lead to hypoglycaemia.

Signs include vomiting, lack of energy, and loss of coordination, which could progress into a seizure.  For more information on dog seizures head to WebMD or contact your local vet immediately if you suspect your dog is having a seizure.


Please be wary of what your dog is eating and have a tremendous and issue free Christmas.

Disclaimer –  I am not a vet, or medical professional, if there are any foods you are unsure of please talk to a veterinarian professional before giving it to your dog. It is not worth losing your cherished pet because you were unsure. 

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