My First Step Into Veganism!


As mentioned in my first blog post, I have wanted to become vegetarian for a while, yet I had no idea how to even start, so Saturday I went to my first vegan festival.

Luckily, I am not alone in my mission to become vegetarian, my mum also wants to change her diet and become cruelty-free, so together with open minds, we went to Taunton, parked up and went to the festival.

We received free goodie bags for being one of the first 50 people to walk through the door. We were the first in the queue, if that doesn’t show our dedication to wanting to change, I don’t know what will! The goodie bags had been put together by the vendors in the hall, giving free samples of vegan products and merchandise.

Cruelty-Free Products and Food

So much food! And it all tasted good!

I tried seaweed hummus from the company ebbtides, not something I would even guess could be food, but tasted uniquely nice. Spicy yet earthy. I had never had hummus before, so it was interesting to eat it for the first time, especially as it was made of seaweed.  Seaweed can actually be used in a lot of different recipes, and one I found from the company website is perfect for this time of the year; hot Mulled Wine. One I will be trying with the seaweed shaker we brought.

I was always told to take pictures of the food you are going to write about, but the cake from Secret Gardens Cakes didn’t quite make it. I was eating it before I had left the stall. Being allergic to dairy has often meant cakes, don’t taste like cake, but I can not even explain how moist and sweet their cakes were, all you need to know is it didn’t last too long because I ate it!

17035390_1850200735022231_2123863301_nI did manage to take a picture of my vegan pizza, by Those Vegan Pizza Guys, before I ate it, (I love food if you haven’t guessed!).  It was very different to my usual pizza, yet surprisingly, I preferred the taste of all the vegetables covered in melted vegan cheese, you didn’t miss the meat with the range of flavours.

I didn’t just spend all my money on food, one of the stalls the New Haven Project ( a not-for-profit company selling homemade cosmetics to fund their rescue sanctuary) had a range of eco products, such as soap, lip balms, candles and moisturisers, all of which had been made cruelty free, vegan and ethically sourced, so no palm oil.


I spoke to many animal charities throughout the festival, as I am passionate about non-profits and how I can help improve their awareness. I was absolutely horrified to find out that universities in the UK are testing on animals! The charity Animal Justice Project was giving out free literature and promoting their new initiative ‘Campus without Cruelty’. A campaign to stop animals being tested in laboratories on university campuses. For more information and how you can help make a difference head over to their page.

Another charity I spoke to was Animal Equality, who were also advertising their work and how we could make a difference just by using plant-based foods. They had a VR system in place to show people the farming industry, however, I couldn’t bear to watch it, I was getting upset over the images in the leaflets, I couldn’t have stomached the video.

Both charities are doing fantastic work to stop the suffering of animals and I applause them in doing so.


Having seen that many different products can be made vegan, has got me looking at products I use everyday. I do not use make up that is tested on animals, and haven’t for a long time, but having checked out other products in my life, a lot of them aren’t ethical or from sustainable sources. It is shocking that people are voicing the concerns of animal welfare and how we need to save our environment, yet many companies are yet to hear the warning. I guess this is why a lot of the people I met at the festival are trying their best to make the world a better place.

I may be just a meat reducer for now, but my passion is being fuelled to make a difference to the animals and the world, one step at a time.


2 thoughts on “My First Step Into Veganism!

    1. Thank you 😀 I am hoping by taking small steps and not jumping in, I will be able to adjust better 😀 Do you have any tips or tricks for going vegan?


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