Instagram is fighting against animal abuse!

It is nothing new that selfies are taking over our social media feeds. From birthday celebrations to eating cake, anything can and will be selfied, including wild animals.

However, many people are unaware of the horrors that go into getting that perfect animal selfie! Many animals are abused in order to cooperate with visitors and their selfie needs.

It is no secret that tigers have been drugged within parts of Thailand for a selfie. However, they are not the only animals to have been subjected to this around the world. Sloths, lions and other ‘cute’ creatures are often taken from their homes,  illegally trafficked, and put up for photos.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there have also been cases of tourists pulling wild animals from their habitat, leading to the animals death. For example, the poor baby dolphin that died in Argentina, having been dragged from the sea and passed around for photos.

But Instagram has made a dent in stopping these abusive selfies! Having gone live at the beginning of December, Instagram has created triggers for hashtags surrounding certain wildlife selfies, such as ‘Sloth Selfie’ or ‘Koala Selfie’ alerting people about the behind the scenes horror of the animal selfie!

Below you can see what pops up when searching for any tags related to animals selfies.


It is important to mention not all people are aware of the behind the scene abuse that takes place. It is impressive and inspiring that Instagram has found a way to create more awareness on the issue, whilst also educating people and participating in the crackdown on animal abuse.

Well done Instagram.

For more information on Instagrams new feature head over to their page.



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