The Sassy Animal – For All Things Animals

Welcome to the first post from the Sassy Animal.

My name is Tash, and I love all things animal, and I am on a mission to help spread the message that we need to look after our planet and all the creatures that call it home.

This blog will cover a range of different topics, such as eco life hacks, cruelty-free products, travel ideas, PR and campaign tips surrounding animal welfare and much more.

The Backstory!

I can never, not remember being around an animal of some species. My grandad was a horse whisper and worked on a stud, while my other grandparents had a lot of different animals, even I had various pets. I am only happy when I’m surrounded by animals. My passion for animals has never died and never will.

However, if you look at my career path, you would see that it had nothing to do with animals! I knew at a young age I couldn’t deal with being a vet, and with a mix up in grades and what I was able and not able to study, I didn’t take animal care after secondary school. I ended up studying film and television with the hope of becoming a documentarian like my inspiration and idol David Attenborough.  But once I got to University, I found my passion for writing and I wanted to be a journalist giving the animals a voice. I can happily say this blog is going to allow me to do this. But after three years of studying, I found I could go one more and help create campaigns and events to help animals while using my passion for writing. I studied a Masters Degree in PR, and Multimedia Communication and haven’t looked back since!

Super Staffie Heroes
Cover picture for the campaign created for Staffie and Stray Rescue.

Finding my niche for PR has opened up so many wonderful avenues and allowed me to join some fantastic projects. Recently, I have had the honour of working with Staffie and Stray Rescue (UK), by creating a campaign to fight the misconceptions surrounding the staffie breed and increasing the rescue’s adoption rate. I came away from my first solo project feeling like I had found my place, and  I can happily say we have another campaign in the works!

As you can see from my blog, I am not a vegetarian, not yet anyway! I am on a mission to become one. I have only been able to eat meat because I was stuck in a world where I didn’t put the meat to the animal. But after further research into the awful horrors of which many animals are put through, it is no longer a life I want to be apart of! So for those wanting to make the change, stick with me as I explore my way into being vegetarian, and hopefully share some tips and tricks we can all use.

Finding my niche and loving every minute is why The Sassy Animal was set up and I hope you all enjoy the journey with me. 


P.S I am a proud Dyslexic and do my best to not make a mistake within my grammar and spelling, but we all make mistakes, so please don’t judge too harshly!

2 thoughts on “The Sassy Animal – For All Things Animals

    1. Thank you, it is all a new adventure, I am trying to first cut out the meat, first I think the fish will be the hardest part for me to! 😀


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